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Welcome to SSRVM Borivali West!

Have you witnessed kids engrossed in any activity such as playing with their favourite toys or painting or clay moulding? Have you observed them carefully? Their eyes are busy seeing something beyond our sight; their tongue stuck to the corner of the lips, whole body is focused entirely on that activity, as if nothing exists around them at that time! They defy the law of relativity altogether in that act…..and then suddenly their little world gets interrupted for ‘so-called valid reasons’ like food time, sleeping time, cuddling time, arrival of some guests etc…
For the adults, office or household chore is ‘work’. Similarly painting, playing, drawing or just scribbling is child’s work activity which demands an equal amount of patience and attention at their level. Here, we often fail to understand the focus that the child exhibits in the activity. A busy mother working in the kitchen or a busy father working on his laptop has a liberty to say ‘no’ to child’s demands at that moment. But if the child doesn’t respond well to the distraction caused during her own work time then she is marked with the tags like arrogant, dreamy, disobedient!
The focus or dedication that the child sets in an activity help to build her concentration skills. Concentration being a mental process needs an inward turning of the mind which is achieved in childhood wonderfully through the activities which interest the kid. It is achieved better when the child’s mind is relaxed and unperturbed. We should learn to respect the child’s engrossment in the activity how much ever insignificant it may appear to us.

Encourage children to spend exclusive time doing such activities. Try and avoid distracting them for trivial things. Appreciate their focus by praising them in the presence of others. Provide healthy environment at home and give an attentive ear whenever the children want to share their experiences. Our patience and perseverance is going to build our little angels’ focus and concentration!

Wish you all a very happy parenting…

Ms.Shreya K.


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