Parents Corner

Dear Teachers,

Like all parents, even we were worried, anxious, jittery for the first day of my girl’s school.
The first day marks everlasting memories for parents.
Thanks to staff of SSRVM Nursery Borivali (W) for making the first day so very memorable for us. My daughter enjoyed her first day of Nursery. Teachers and administration took all the efforts and pain to make the transition phase smooth for kids as well as for us.

Thanks a ton.

Vijayalaxmi Bipin
(Naitri’s Parent)

Respected Teachers of SSRVM (Borivali West)

On behalf of Naisha, We would like to personally thank all of you for the energy, enthusiasm and commitment that you brought as a teacher. We believe that Naisha Merchant has been incredibly fortunate in having your charismatic teaching style which motivated her to learn the language and enjoy her time in reading and making words.

Our daughter is enjoying all the school activities very much. She is going and coming back very happily from the school. There is nothing more satisfying for parents than knowing that their child is being given the same amount of love and care as at home.

Once again a big thank you for your efforts and contribution.


Parents of Naisha Merchant,

(Sr.KG – Canakya)

Dear Teachers,

Every parent wishes to raise their child in an ideal way. Ideal raising is difficult to define, especially when there is so much around that influences the upbringing of a child. A right atmosphere and importantly a right school is therefore very important.

We entered the school premise named Sri Sri Ravishankar, we had heard enough about the school but the anxiety was still there. My November born daughter was interviewed, simple few questions and we knew she is through. The tough question was asked to us, “Mr. and Mrs. Narang, She is young to join a school, she can still wait for a year and join next year, would you like to hold on to her admission?” As parents, we wanted to push her ahead and not delay her upfront in life. I probed further asking if policy wise there is a problem, the reply that came confirmed my belief in the school, the reply was – “It’s nothing to do with any policy but at her age the child’s bones are still in tender development stage, so as she learns to hold a pencil and write she would be stretched as compared to other children”. Wow, I exclaimed in my mind, as compared to other schools, or should I say schools doing business by giving admission to a child, would probably have not thought this way. The principal of this school made me think differently, she thought about the child and her development. Giving admission to us does not seem to be a continuous business for them. We came back come determined that if our child studies then it will be at Sri Sri Ravishankar school. We later decided to go ahead with the admission despite my daughter’s younger age.

Post this incident we visited the school several times to complete the admission formalities and every time my trust in the school increased. The way children were cared about, all the didi’s and bhaiya’s perhaps knew all the children by name. The way the teachers managed the little children, the way in which the parents were replied, the way in which the induction happened – everything was a perfect story. Yoga and Sanskrit were another two very strong elements on which we were happy. A school led by visionary as elite as Sri Sri Ravishankar would definitely be the right choice for my daughter. We were content and the story had just begun from there onwards.

In the last three years, there were several incidents which simply reaffirmed our trust in the school, a few that I would highlight. My daughter’s first Sports Day, we were surprised and delighted to see her carry the customary torch and run on the big playground. As we beamed with joy, we as parents could see her blossom in confidence and strength, it was of-course her teachers behind this. A big thank you to them for giving Wings to the Tiny Bird. Her first annual day function, the Noddy in her enjoyed on stage. She was confident and expressive, again we knew the efforts that went behind the whole event. Every performance, every act and every manner in which the event was conducted was great. The behaviour of the teachers and support staff was meticulous, loving and disciplined. Thank you again. As she moved ahead to Junior Kg, she grew in every aspect. The school of-course has a lot to contribute in all of this. The innocence in my daughter was getting augmented with cleverness and should I say even Wisdom. The mannerisms, the behaviour, the conduct, the language –everything that the school imparted was evident in the way she grew. The Sanskrit shlokas were the best thing to hear every evening that I came home from the office. The clarity of her tone and sincerity in reciting them was a remarkable example of the way the teachers taught her. We felt proud of what she was learning. The hard work of her teachers was evident in the daily sheets, every parent-teacher meeting we had nothing much to say but thank the teachers for their attention, affection, and love towards our Girl. As seen during admission, every teacher, every didi, every peon knew her by name, we felt walking alongside a celebrity in the school corridors. The important observation is that this was not just our feeling, it was true for all other kids and parents as well. Every child was treated the same, just like how a gardener would treat all his little saplings, nurturing the roots and caring about the tender shoots. The Sports day and Annual day once again highlighted the true spirit and teamwork of teachers in the school. The arrangements, the conduct, the discipline was all well planned.

Something Strong moved the school staff together. There was Concern for every child that Fell, Enjoyment for every child that Won, Agony for every child that was Hurt and Motivation for every child that Struggled. Every prop, every formation, every performance was well planned and well rehearsed as a team. Sr Kg and the responsibilities grew, both, on us as Parents and on the School. A sudden dilemma to shift students to a new location was faced. I witnessed the way teachers managed the parent’s endless questions with patience. Every reaction was well handled, it again brought to the fore how the school works in unison and cohesion. Truly marvelous. We knew and trusted that the school has expansion plans and would do everything right towards the kids and parents. The new facility simply confirmed on our belief. Everything was great, the setup, the building, the classrooms, the teachers, the attitude and the culture, everything replicated. It was commendable.

Throughout the year we again saw the entire earlier two years being replayed, the hard work of the teachers, the continuation of the efforts. My girl grew in confidence and poise, from a Dancer in crowd to standing out amidst others on stage giving a Welcome Speech during the Annual day, we knew the difference that the school is bringing in her. She is indeed Blossoming to Shine and growing Strongly to face every type of Challenge. At Heart and Head, she was becoming a better person, a stronger individual. We have seen her grow from the tiny roots and understand well the school’s relentless contribution towards it.

This letter is just a Humble way to Thank You All who are contributing towards the future of our child and that of every other at School. I am sure that this Thank You can be written on behalf of many other parents who share this same Feeling with us. We are Delighted, at Peace and Satisfied to have this association with the School and are Confident that our children are under the Guidance and Grace of the Right Visionary, “Sri Sri Ravishankar” and his disciples in the form of Teachers of this school, who would ensure that our Children become a True, Honest, Confident and Responsible Global Citizens.

Jai Gurudev!

Pooja Narang
(Reet Narang’s Mother)


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